Instead of Christ being in one place, preaching one sermon, healing one body, forgiving one person, or setting one captive free from sin and death, Christ is doing all of these things through us his body. So, it is Christ himself working and speaking through our spirit, mind, and body.


Christ is duplicating himself in millions of places, and in millions of lives, all over the world every day through us his physical body on earth.

The Gospel Truth of Jesus' Finished Work  

Jesus had to first be made all that we were through Adam. Jesus became all that we were and destroyed it all when he was raised again, after suffering and completely satisfying the justice of God his Holy Father. The first step in Christ’s becoming what we were was that he was made to be our sin. The Greek construction reads: “He who knew no sin God hath made to be sin for us.”


Christ’s sinlessness pertains only to his earthly walk, and his having been born of a virgin. The Christ, who had never previously known sin at all, was nonetheless literally made to be sin itself. You see, there are many who maintain that this verse doesn’t mean that Christ literally was made sin because it says he “knew no sin,” or perhaps He simply was reckoned to be sin or He had sin imputed to him.

What actually happened to Jesus?



The words “eternal and everlasting” draw attention to the quality. The kind of life that it is, not to its duration in the sense of time. If you think about it, eternity is not a long, long time. It is timeless or not time at all. Time only exists in this physical realm. Eternity is another realm, a timeless realm. Eternity will not begin when time ends, eternity already exist; it’s in the spiritual realm, or spiritual dimension. 


This spirit dimension is the one Adam left. The pure, holy, spirit dimension of life did not leave Adam; Adam lost his first estate and left it. But thank God Jesus came to restore us to this wonderful spirit dimension of life in himself.

Salvation of our Mind

Christ was indeed our substitute. However, Christ did not die instead of us for that would mean we did not have to die and it would have left us unchanged. No, a thousand times, No!


Christ died both physically and spiritually not only for us but also as us. So we died in him and with him, which destroyed our old self. God saw the death and burial of Christ as our death and burial, and then he quickened us together with Christ.

The same God quality of life given to Christ was given to us for we were quickened together with him. The very life and righteousness of God that Christ was quickened with, now flows out of Christ through our very life.

Crucified with Christ
Feeding the five thousand

Here is the significance of the five loaves and two fishes. The five loaves represents the (five-fold ministry). Christ did not give a one fold, but a five-fold ministry. Christ blessed the loaves and fishes and gave them to the disciples to serve to the people.


The men were seated in groups of fifty and there were one hundred groups with Jesus resting in their midst. This New Testament event pictured the tabernacle of Moses being with the children of Israel in the wilderness with the presence of God at rest in their midst for the tabernacle of Moses was fifty by one hundred.