The Gospel Truth of Jesus’ Finished Work


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The Gospel Truth of

Jesus' Finished Work

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How does one truly describe a miracle? Something born in the midst of the past- an earth-shattering event? Pick your own definition, but let’s make it easy for you, for you hold a miracle of truth in your very own hands indeed. It happens to be, ‘Godspeake’


Evolving over many years, this is the life work of a gentleman named Harry Brooks and since Mr. Brooks is probably unknown to you, you should be acquainted with him.


Mr. Brooks is the son of a minister and growing up in a Christian home was well acquainted with the gospels at an early age. Indeed, the assimilation of this work was brought to fruition and he found himself drawn into a deep and extensive exploration of the Holy Works.


Along the way Mr. Brooks truly found the Master, but in a unique way and he became aware of a deep compulsion and desire for Christ to explain the subtleties of the Bible and reveal the actual truths of the gospel in him. The necessities of such being placed within him by the Lord himself to enable him to share the gospel truth with the entire world. This was Mr. Brooks’ personal miracle and provided the urgency to spiritually absorb and drive him during this considerable task.


The resultant work is entitled ‘Godspeake’ for this is exactly what it is. These are the words, compulsions, and revealed truths that were shared with him by the Author and Finisher of Faith, Christ in him the hope of glory.


We do not mean to imply that God through Christ actually spoke discernable words to Mr. Brooks, but as many of you will know the Lord directs his intentions through Christ, the Word of Truth, and commands into his disciples’ minds, and from therein may grow a miracle of spiritual insight.


Embrace this text and enjoy the simplicity and very understandable revelation truths confined herein. Please be advised that this text is not in regular book form, but has been designed more in the manner of a teaching tool, somewhat in the manner of a question and answer mode.


This in no way interferes with the subject matter or the ease of material assimilation to understand God’s Word and His Blessed Will in our lives, and may prove much easier for biblical students who are hungry for spiritual truth and strength to live for Christ each and every day. 

Jack Harding

Professional Editor



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My Story

My name is Harry Brooks, I have been working on this book series 'The Gospel Truth of Jesus' Finished Work' for over ten years trying to document  what God has revealed in truth during my life time.  What can be clearly said is this book series was written personally to you, to inform you of the most loving, generous and powerful person there has ever been, one who paid all of your debits in full, which is Jesus.  

Would like to share a story that I was told during my childhood of a young boy spending time with his grandfather.  His grandfather burned coal in a old cast iron stove and sat at a table to read his bible by candle light daily.  The boy asked his grandfather if he understood the bible when he read it?  The boy went on to say, when he reads his bible, he could not understand it and when he finished, he just could not remember anything he had read.  The grandfather asked his grandson to take the wicker basket, where he kept chunks of coal for the stove and go to the stream and bring him back a basket of water.  Before he could get back all the water had leaked out of the wicker basket. 


His grandfather asked him to go back and fill it again, before he could get back it was empty.  His grandfather said he just was not trying hard enough, so this time the boy ran as fast as he could, however the basket was empty of water when he returned.  He said to his grandfather, this is not working at all, to please give him a water pale or bucket.  His grandfather said he did not want a pale or bucket of water, that he wanted a basket of water and asked his grandson to look at the wicker basket again very carefully and he would see what he meant.  


The boy looked and sure enough, the wicker basket had changed, it was different then when he began.  He noticed the basket was no longer covered with black soot from coal dust and inside was all clean.  He said to his grandson, when you read your bible, you may not understand every word or remember everything you read, more and more as you read and will be able to live, out of, what is true to you, as I do. The eyes of you're understanding will be enlightened, then his grandson understood.  


When you read these truths, which inspired me over many years to write this book series, what a blessing to you and others which will share in your enlightened truth. My hope and prayer is these shared truths will be a cleansing in your life and others.